Narcotics require the government to provide treatment or treatment through medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation to narcotics addicts. Therapies include medical rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, vocational improvement, and therapy with the help of families, psychologists, as well as recreation. How is therapy done? There are several stages of rehabilitation. First, the addict who follows the rehabilitation program will be detoxified for about two weeks with symptomatic therapy. This therapy does not use narcotic substances but uses symptomatic drugs that directly attack the targeted disease, one of them by using ibogaine treatment using Iboga plant roots originating from Africa and has been known to cure his addiction in Mexico and Europe, where The use of ibogaine drugs is not prohibited for medicinal purposes. You need ayahuasca buy online usa.

Next, the addict will enter the entry unit stage which is the post-breaking phase of stabilization during, also for two weeks. After that, the addict is prepared into the main program. The addict will be declared completed rehabilitation after completing the re-entry and returned to the family. But they are not released just like that. The addicts will be monitored and collected with other former addicts in the post-rehabilitation program.